Eggs can spice up your paleo diet

Body has no idea what to do with the sugar and empty calories you might be feeding it. Eggs are not plants ….so not sure what your point is here. Eggs are a breakfast classic even for the non-Paleo dieter. Eggs. Eggs are also a good way to spice up your paleo diet breakfast.

Eggs are very rich in protein, a key factor in the Paleo diet. Eggs are easy to digest, so I eat them without any meats when I want to exercise shortly after breakfast. Eggs are also great because you can microwave them. Eggs are very versatile and you can do a lot with it.

Believe me, the paleo diet is anything but boring, mundane, complicated, or dull. Recipes that make the diet are unexciting, tedious or boring. Protein is found in almost everything we eat — whether vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Protein is the same at 10 blocks. Meat has none — just protein and vitamins.

Fruit may simply do the trick or even a fruit smoothie. Paleo breakfast is possible once you break out of old habits and suck it up a little. Something is seriously wrong with my stomach.


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