Paleo Diet Craze

People are living longer than ever and most do not  follow the Paleo Diet. People are very individual, and diet is never one size fits all. People are in such a delusional existence, they really think they are monkey people or warriors. Food may not have saved the town, but it does bring in good money. Little is said about the profound influence of an individual’s unique metabolic profile.

Lot can change in 10,000 years. Something that they can maintain day in and day out. Nutrition has always been something I have loved to study. Exercise is known to help manage stress, but specific training recommendations are still fuzzy. Thanks to the paeo diet craze, some folks are avoiding beans based on the contention that the lectins in beans are toxic and can cuase damage to the lining in the guts. I heard a lot about the Paleo diet craze and I thought maybe I should go get a book and read up on it. If you are following the paleo diet craze then you should consider this recipe. Some folks can take this paleo shit too far and soon we may see people running around barefoot pretending to hunt dinosaurs, refusing to shower and living in caves. Refusing to bath yourself does not make you “paleo”. Take a shower, mother fucker.


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