Paleo Do’s and Don’ts

So check this out, these are your commandments for eating paleo.

How tightly you follow these suggestions will depend entirely on your individual ambitions. If you are searching to shed as many pounds as possible as quickly as possible, we advise religiously following the principles layed out below. If you’re currently in shape and are trying to find methods to make improvements, regardless of whether it is power, size, firmness, endurance, energy, and so on., we recommend integrating a degree of Paleo that correlates with what you are trying to achieve. The greater the amount you invest in, the quicker you’ll achieve your primary goal.

What is Permitted

Following is really a more in depth explanation of the foods in which you can eat and remain with the confines of the “Paleo diet”

All the Beef you would like: Any meat (hamburger, meat), pork (grinds, ham), lamb, goose, chicken, poultry, eggs, fish, sea food (clams, scallops, and so on). Fresh or frozen. Lots of Vegetables: Any fresh or frozen vegetables (other than spud, corn, and beans) blood insulin level of sensitivity


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