The Paleo Diet is really popular

There really seems to be with two problems with the whole Paleo diet craze. I recall the long awaited Doctor Oz episode when he talks about the Paleo Diet. A month or two ago, my dumb ass husband joined a Crossfit gym and bought into the whole paleo diet. I got into it myself and recommend the diet cook book “Paleo Recipes” as a good starter place. I’d mention that Dr. Oz ran a segment a few months ago about ” The Paleo Diet Craze “. Dr. Oz looks like the lecherous sort, so it is tough for me to watch him without wanting to retch but it is good to see the Paleo diet going mainstream. The brand is on the eve of re-launching, with a new brand image that positions its low-carb approach in the midst of the Paleo diet craze .


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