Bushfood Diet

Species has also been established by direct sowing on prepared soil. Australia has a burgeoning “bush tucker” industry guided by the Australian Native Bushfood Industry Committee. Australia is an extremely efficient agricultural nation growing fruit, vegetables and grains. Australia is simply incapable of making such excellent television these days.

Australia is home to many different types of nuts, most of which are fast finding worldwide appeal. Australia is one of the largest producers of abalone and rock lobster. Plant will tolerate much wetter conditions, to constantly moist, boggy soils. Plants are frost hardy and in cold, dry conditions may become dormant. Plants can also be supplied at discount prices if pre-ordered 4- 6 months in advance.

Fruit is sometimes sweet, sometimes tangy, sometimes insipid, depending on rain and sun. Fruit may be eaten raw when it has fallen to the ground, or roasted if still green. Fruit is more effective for several human ailments. Fruit is described as a “salty fig”. Tree is fast growing with a spreading canopy, making an ideal shade tree.


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