Prehistoric medicine

Prehistoric medicine is a term used to describe the use of medicine before the invention of writing. Prehistoric medicine is the base point from which we measure the progress of medicine. First is that the ‘Da’ of Da-sein may be profitably translated not as ‘there’ but as ‘open’. Treatment can be physically exhausting for the patient, who might already be very tired from cancer-related fatigue. People can become infected in several ways.

People are more susceptible to colds and flu during the winter and cold weather causes the immune system. Life is wonderful — yet there is something very dark about our existence and history. Life was simple, and life expectancy was low. Life has always been a dangerous venture, requiring as it does a ceaseless adjustment to an ever-changing environment. Patients that received chemo rarated nausea and vomiting as the first and second most severe side effects.

Found that their health improved. Dirty water, sewage and dirt all connected will illness. Marijuana was considered a superior elixir that rejuvenated the mind and body. Women are changed when we have encountered the darkness and emptiness of the cave.


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