Protein poisoning

Protein poisoning is a real possibility, but has nothing to do with cortisol, per se. Protein poisoning is rare, though it is possible if you only eat lean meats. Protein poisoning is well documented in survival situations, and in certain subsistence cultures. Protein poisoning may develop in conjunction with or independent of hydrops. Protein poisoning can occur as the acids in the food are released into the worms’ living space.

Animals are guided by their food instinct, not by cooked-food human ideas and charts. Food is fun, carbs are fuel. Food is not great but somethings are ok…bars, puddings, chili, -did care for fruit drinks. Diet will become even more critical when doctors and medical care are more scarce. Diet was extremely tough the first 3 weeks, much much easier now.

Diet is fairly easy for me as I’m on the go and work late — grab the packets and mix/nuke. Diet is one of those factors, and it is one of no small importance. Diet can and will bcome very mundane but the end results will be worth it. Diet is restrictive and pretty expensive but the weight that i have lost is sooo worth it to me. Body cannot handle this diet.

Body can easily run off of fat for energy. Body is a living organism. Body has to rob the bones and teeth of calcium to keep the acid from killing you. Foods that are high in protein produce acid levels that can eventually begin to break down bone structure.

Animals that nourish themselves primarily on grain and other plant foods are called herbivores. Animals will grow unchecked and rampant predation will resume. Fat is easily converted into glucose. Liver is an ideal choice-full of fat and glucose. Liver is responsible, essentially, for setting amino acids to task.

Liver is also primary repository for glycogen. Liver is capable of producing many different hormones. Meat is delicious and free of preservatives or hormones. Meat was what we survived on over the winter. Eating that much meat has to be bad for you, they say.

Amount was 3 tablespoons, eating seven times or more every week. Fat is essential for maintaining a lean weight. Worms will eat their weight in food every day. Worms are packed in food for long life with instructions. Worms are very sensitive to salts and prefer salt contents less than .5%.

Fat is needed in sufficient quantities in a diet. People are drowning in their own addictions, pollutions, and diseases. People are sick from wrong living. People are waking up. First things first, prayers sent out to the folks in Conn. People are being duped into thinking they are taking their own health care into their own hands.

People are mixing this up in their kitchens, and touting it’s inexpensive cost. People are free to live in all regions and take up a job provided that they never violate other’s rights. Rabbits are an amazing prey animal when trying to live in the wilderness. Rabbits can be a good food source.

Rabbits are great to have, but raise both chickens and rabbits. Rabbits were generally kept in the garden area as were the chickens. Rabbits are a lean creature and do not have ample amounts of Carbohydrate or Fat in them.


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