Raw feeding

Raw feeding is a back-to-basics approach that takes its lead directly from nature. Feeding raw is not ‘simpler’ than feeding processed kibble on a daily basis. Feeding raw is optimum but I’d be happy if we could just reduce kibble use. Raw feeding is a step in the right direction for your dog. Raw diet is not a one-size-fits-all scenario with a step by step guide to perfect success for your dog.

Raw diet is the best diet you can put your dog or cat on. Raw feeding is a controversial and popular topic amongst pet dog and cat owners. Raw feeding is the hottest topic in dog care today. Raw feeding is a very popular topic on the forum and web site.

Raw feeding can probably be done safely for both the pet and people in some, but not all, situations. People are asking us all the time what we have done to get her to obey so well. Dogs are carnivores yet most people feed them food that they’re not meant to be eating. Dogs are natural carnivores, and commercial dog food has tons of unnecessary fillers in it. Cats are obligate carnivores and this food is mostly made of cheap fillers…

Cats are obligate carnivores and have no need for the grains that make up the majority of most cat foods. Dogs are carnivores, there is no doubting this, but carnivores fall into different types. Dogs are Carnivores by Jeannie Thomason. Dogs are carnivores and raw chicken bones won’t kill them.

Dogs are carnivores, yes, but they do fine with a small amount of vegetables & fruits. Dogs will scavenge to stay alive and are considered opportunistic carnivores that will eat some vegetation. Dogs are made to eat large gorge and fast — but not to eat processed, dry, grain filled foods. Dogs are not designed to eat a diet that is 40-60% corn and other grains such as found in kibble. Dogs are not designed to eat fiber or plant matter either and can likely survive without them.

Dogs are designed to handle a far greater bacterial load than we. Meats may be cut into bite-sized chunks for the larger dogs, and fed ground for smaller dogs and cats. Dogs can digest bone without it being pre-ground, and raw bones are soft. Dog that can’t digest mean, bones, or organs wouldn’t be alive without some sort of outside influence. Dog won’t come to any harm by not having organs for six weeks.

Dog that weighs 30 lbs. Bone that is safe for one dog may not be safe for a different dog. Dog was without food/water/shelter and chained to a tree. Dog will need raw vegetables, organ meats and some supplements. Dog is exceedingly tall even for a Borzoi — at least 36 inches to his shoulder.

Dog cannot keep anything down, not even water. Dog is biologically the SAME as a wolf. Dog has no control over where or when this comes out. First is that it is more easily digested, so more of the nutrients are available to the dog. Raw food is full of living nutrients and enzymes that cannot be matched by any other diet.

Bones are an essential and wonderful component of the raw food diet. Bones will also add calcium to their diet and important enzymes to their body. Bones not only clean teeth, but provide calcium. Bones are important for cleaning the teeth and exercising the jaw.

Same can be said about bones, especially cooked bones that may break more easily. Bones can break and shard their intestines and stomach. Bones are not to be considered taking the place of treats. Raw meat is much easier to digest for cats, taking only 3-4 hours, where as kibble usually takes 9-12 hours. Kibble can take upwards of 12 hours to digest completely, where raw takes somewhere around 5 hours to digest completely.

Dogs cannot digest grains and they are not a natural food source for them. Dogs can ‘live’ on poor quality food, just like it’s possible for humans to ‘live’ on McDonalds happy meals. Dogs are more resistant to most of the common raw meat pathogens than are humans. Thing is that dogs are even more individualistic than humans – no two dogs have exactly the same needs. Dogs are usually so appreciative of everything we offer that it makes meal time a real joy.

Dogs that are raw-fed produce small amounts of dry stool that is almost entirely bone meal. Dogs that are fed raw tend to have less/no skin problems such as inflammation and eczema. Bacteria is not an issue for dogs who do not have immune system problems. Dogs are more resistant to bacteria than people. People are healthier when they eat a whole food diet and dogs are healthier too.

Dogs that are prone to Cardiomyopathy may also benefit from added Taurine in their diet. Dogs that are prone to digestive upset may also benefit from a slower, more careful approach. Dogs can become just as aggressive on kibble as a raw diet. Raw diet is a direct evolution of what cats & dogs ate before they became our pets. Dogs can be walked, and cats can chase around stimulating toys or balls to burn calories.

Raw food is the NATURAL food of cats and dogs. Dogs are scavengers and like food when it get a little ripe. Dog food was created to use up the waste from human food processing. Food is made in a USDA certified plant.

Food that is not freshly killed may have spoiled and will therefore make the cat sick. Raw food may alleviate allergic symptoms your cat may be having. Food has had no effect at all on Kai. She loves it and is doing wonderfully on it. Raw food has enzymatic activity, and the body has a limited supply also. Raw food helps you with everything in your body.

Raw food is not going to hurt your doodle. Raw feeding is based on the premise that you are going to feed a species appropriate diet. Raw feeding is not only just an appropriate diet but it proves just how appropriate it is in some cases. Raw feeding is the absolute best way to feed any canine. Raw feeding is more work and requires a lot of research .

Raw feeding is not a trend or fad. It is not a new way of feeding. Raw feeding may cost a bit more but it is well worth it. Meat was delivered on Saturday, as part of a chain coordinated by a raw-feeding cooperative . Animals that have died because of disease, injury, or natural causes are a source of meat for meat meal. Animals are slaughtered for the palate of meat eaters.

Meat is very high in phosphorus. Meat is ready to take off the bone without all the greasy-slippy. Cats are designed to get their protein from meat – not plants. Cats are designed by Mother Nature to eat high protein diets that are very low in carbohydrates. Raw diets are meant to duplicate a diet natural to dogs, what mother nature intended for them.

Raw diet was my last hope for one of my dogs. Dogs can go without the vegetables and vitamins for a short while. Dogs were much more enthusiastic about the beef. Dogs can and do choke on many things. Cats are able to survive on less water than dogs and may ignore minor levels of dehydration.

Cats are picky in order to survive. Cats are an integral part of my life, my psyche, my very being. Cats are notorious for being picky drinkers and therefore having more concentrated urine than is ideal/healthy. Cats cannot even digest many starches found in commercial pet foods. Cats are not able to digest vegetable matter or carbohydrates.

Cats are carnivores and have no dietary requirement for carbohydrates. Cats are exclusive carnivores that require a diet of animal nutrients to be healthy. Cats are thought to more clearly benefit from a raw diet. Kibble has filler in it, while a raw diet is 100% food a dog will benefit from eating. Kibble is an unnatural food for a carnivore.

Raw food is perfect for their specialized physiology because nutrients are in their most bio-available form. Raw food is full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and stuff the scientists haven’t even discovered yet. Raw food has a lesser smell than most canned foods, so some kitties need to get used to it. Diets are classified as veterinary foods because they are to be used only under veterinary supervision. Barf is an acronym, which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods or Bones And Raw Foods.

Those are merely processed foods like anything else called “food” placed in a box or can. Love is the newest addition to Honest Kitchen’s line of grain-free dog foods. Feeding raw is not for everyone, or every dog for that matter. Feeding raw is not so simple as to thrown down a pound of ground beef and a chicken neck. Cats are now on a more whole prey version rather then ground meats.

Raw food is what is eaten in the wild when an animal is killed for prey. Cats are just as susceptible to everyday minor injuries as any other animal. Cats cannot produce the amino acid Taurine. Cats might be out in the barn chasing mice, small birds and insects. Research is being done for effective farming and processing methods for insects.

Research is so limited, and I’m baffled as to why with so many wealthy people being dog-lovers. Kibble is kitty crack, but it’s so hard to get people to make the connection. Kibble is a recent invention, and while it may be convenient, it’s certainly not optimum. Kibble will not make up for deficiencies in an unbalanced raw diet. Diet is the building blocks upon which bodies are built.

Diet is less, believe me. Raw diet is a species appropriate diet. Raw diet has been known to calm pets. Chicken is usually used as the main part of the diet since its so inexpensive. Raw diet isn’t as easy as dropping a chicken bone into Baxter’s bowl.

Chicken is very common as a first meat as it is cheap, plentiful, and easy to handle. Chicken was one of the things she was allergic to. Chicken is easy because it seems that you can just use the entire thing. Because that is what was at the vet’s office, and that is what they try to sell you. After that two weeks, try some beef.

Kibble is messing up the poo. Salmonella is commonly found in commercial treats and kibble. Raw meat is not safe for humans because of bacteria like e-coli and Salmonella. Raw diet is basically raw meat, organs, and and about 25% vegetables/fruit. Raw diet can help prevent obesity, allergies, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and so much more.

Raw diet is believed to improve the nutritional value. Raw diet is often a last ditch effort, usually approached with trepidation and fear. Raw diet is one of the most commonly discussed topics on our forum. Raw diet might be fine but I need to learn more too. Raw diet is as close to ideal as human hands can make.

Those are the only reasons I do not have them on a raw food diet. Weight is easily adjusted on a raw food diet. People are afraid of bacteria from unprocessed food and instead fill themselves with preservatives and less nutrition. People that have compromised immune systems are at high risk for disease from this bacterium. Animals that have compromised immune systems may be a bigger concern.

Animals that died on the way to the slaughterhouse and even road kill, Pitcairn claims. Animals are living as they were intended to live, and are raised naturally… Raw meat is messy, required careful handling and can be a little smelly.


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